Guernsey Number: 7
Career: 1933 to 1940
NFC Games: 117
NFC Goals: 106
Debut: v West Torrens (Norwood) 29th April 1933
Finale: v South Adelaide (Adelaide) 7th September 1940

South Australian Games: 4


Harold Huxtable, known also as, “Hux,” was recruited from Dublin. He came from a footballing family. His younger brother, Jack, won a Mail Medal playing for Dublin in the Adelaide Plains Association in 1938. This was the same year Harold was chosen in the South Australian side to play in Perth and in in the 1938 Grand Final against Port Adelaide together with brother Jack who played in the forward line.

He earned a reputation as a tough, resilient rover. In a game against West Adelaide in 1940 (his last season), The Mail reported that despite sustaining an ankle injury early in the game, Huxtable , “gamely,” carried on mainly because Hardiman (Norwood’s Captain) had earlier been forced to leave the ground. Huxtable finished the game, “under difficulties,” but was still among Norwood’s best.

Like many of his era, Harold’s football career was abruptly ended by World War II. He enlisted in the RAAF and was posted to Britain. His wartime exploits did have some enjoyable moments as recorded in The Advertiser in November 1943, when he and fellow airmen were entertained at the Anzac Club and the Air Force Club in New York – a long way from Adelaide!

In April 1945, Norwood received news that Harold had been promoted to Flight-Lieutenant and on 30th November 1945 The Advertiser, under the heading, Sports Stars Back reported that Harold Huxtable, the Norwood and State Rover, known to many as, “Hux,” had returned home.

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