HISTORY OF NFC - 1920 - 1929

After an up and down season where they won 7 games and lost 7, Norwood found themselves in
the 2nd Semi Final where they defeated Port Adelaide 9-9 to 5-11.
A week later in the Final, they were defeated by North Adelaide, 3-3 to 9-15 but ended in second
place on the ladder, a marked improvement and their first final since 1908.
Bert Schumacher was awarded the Reserves Magarey Medal.

Norwood's continued improvement was evident, finishing runner-up once more, but this time winning
11 games, losing 6, and drawing 1.
This time Norwood met Port Adelaide but were defeated, 3-6 to 4-8.
Norwood representatives in the Perth Australian Championships were Tom Hart, Clarence Packham
and Walter Scott.
Walter Scott finished equal leader in the Magarey Medal but lost on a count back.
In 1998, SANFL altered the rules and awarded the medal in retrospect, effectively the first of 3.
Norwood won the Reserves Premiership, defeating West Adelaide 4-6 to 2-12.

After a 15 year wait, Norwood recorded their 15th premiership, having won 14 games and losing 2.
Norwood defeated West Adelaide in the final 9-7 to 2-16, with Harry Johns and Guy Stephens
playing their 100th games in this match.
The Team
Coach: Tom Leahy
F: Ern Wadham, Roy Bent, Harold 'Dick' Grantley
HF: Spencer Sibley, Clyde Close, Tom Hart
C: Claude Toovey, Basil Scott, Charles Hepburn
HB: Syd White (c), Walter Scott, Guy Stephens
B: Roy Townley, Harry Johns, Murray Dobson
Ruck: Les Bryant (vc), William 'Tiger' Potts, Bert Schumacher

Tom Hart kicked 10 goals against North Adelaide at Norwood Oval, May 20.
Norwood set a new League record for points scored, bettering Port Adelaide's 1921 total of 1392.
Port Adelaide played 1 more match in 1921.
Wilfred Sparks was awarded the Reserves Magarey Medal.
Ern Wadham added to the club's athletic achievements by winning the Bay Sheffield, the State's
richest professional sprint race.

Norwood repeated their 1922 success with their 16th premiership with 13 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.
This time they defeated North Adelaide 9-12 to 6-4 in the Final.
The Team
Coach: Tom Leahy
F: Ern Wadham, Basil Scott (vc), William Burns
HF: Spencer Sibley, Phillip Lee, William Heinrich
C: Wybert Symonds, Basil Scott, Charles Hepburn
HB: Syd White (c), Walter Scott, Guy Stephens
B: Lyall Mutton, Syd Ackland, Reg Plunkett
Ruck: William 'Tiger' Potts, Harold 'Dick' Grantley, Bert Schumacher

Norwood finished third, winning 10 games, losing 5, and drawing 1.
Walter Scott won his second Magarey Medal.
Roy Bent kicked 10 goals in the 1st Semi Final win over West Torrens.
Norwood representatives in the Australian Championships in Hobart were Roy Bent, Lyall Mutton,
William 'Tiger' Potts, Walter Scott and Ern Wadham.

Norwood won their 17th premiership, winning 13 and losing 3, and defeating West Torrens in the
final by a solitary point, 8-4 to 7-9.
The Team
Coach: Syd White
F: Ern Wadham, Roy Bent, Michael Guerin
HF: Jack Palmer, Clyde Close, Lyall Mutton
C: Wybert Symonds, Alick Lill, William Heinrich
HB: Syd White (c), Walter Scott (vc), Guy Stephens
B: Arthur Geary, Syd Ackland, Charles Hepburn
Ruck: William 'Tiger' Potts, Cecil Martin, Bert Schumacher

Alick Lill was awarded the Magarey Medal for the Fairest and Most Brilliant.
Cecil Martin played in a premiership in only his second league game.
Roy Bent was the SANFL leading goal kicker with 59 goals.

Norwood finished third on the ladder, winning 10 games and losing 6.
Guy Stephens became the first Norwood player to register 150 games against West Torrens at
Thebarton Oval, July 24.
Roy Bent kicked his 300th goal with 11 goals against Glenelg at Norwood Oval, September 4.
Bent was also the league leading goal kicker with 65 goals.

Norwood dropped to sixth on the ladder, winning 7 games and losing 10.
Representatives in the Australian Championships in Melbourne were Syd Ackland, Walter Scott,
Alick Lill and Ern Wadham.
Club Treasurer, Eric Tassie was appointed vice-president of the Australian National Football Council.
The South Australian Football Association (SAFA) became known as South Australian National
Football League (SANFL) after 1927.

Norwood was runner-up having won 12 games and lost 8.
Although successful in the Final against West Adelaide, 13-17 to 11-7, they were defeated by
Port Adelaide in the Challenge Match, 7-14 to 15-14.

With 14 wins, 4 losses and a draw, Norwood won their 18th premiership when they defeated
Port Adelaide, 16-14 to 10-9.
The Team
Coach: Walter Scott
F: Ronald McDougall, Eric A Johnson, Albert Moyle
HF: Lyall Mutton, Gordon Wait, Alfred Biddell
C: Stanley Appelbee, Jack Palmer, Charles Daly
HB: Albert Mitchell, Walter Scott (c), John Siggins
B: Arthur Geary, Syd Ackland, Hartley Pike
Ruck: Ern Wadham, Heinrich Krome, Herbert Heffernan

Walter Scott played his 157th game (a new club games record) in the Second Semi Final against
West Adelaide, September 21.
Wally Griffiths was awarded the Reserves Magarey Medal.
The Sir Edwin T Smith Memorial Pavilion was opened on May 18 by His Excellency, the Governor
(Sir Alexander Hore-Ruthven V.C.).
Alfred 'Topsy' Waldron passed away, June 7.

A Team of the 1920s:
Coach: Tom Leahy
F: Tom Hart, Roy Bent, Eric A Johnson
HF: Lyall Mutton, Phillip Lee, Alfred Biddell
C: Wybert Symonds, Alick Lill, William Heinrich
HB: Syd White (c), Walter Scott (vc), Guy Stephens
B: Arthur Geary, Syd Ackland, William 'Tiger' Potts
Ruck: Ern Wadham, Heinrich Krome, Bert Schumacher
Res: Clyde Close, Les Bryant, Basil Scott