World War I - The Norwood Men Who Served

By Michael Coligan

In 2015 the nation will reflect on Australia’s engagement in the First World War, in particular the Gallipoli campaign, and commemorate the service and sacrifice of its men and women who enlisted to serve in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) 100 years ago.
The population of Australia in 1915 was fewer than 5 million and records show that about 417,000 men and women enlisted with the AIF and nearly 330,000 served overseas; about 60,000 were killed in action including some 6,600 South Australians.
From its archive collection the Norwood Football Club History Group has identified 78 Norwood League and Seconds players who enthusiastically enlisted to serve their country in battles at Gallipoli, Egypt, Belgium and France, and 13 lost their lives.

The History Group is planning to publish a special Anzac Day 2015 commemorative edition of the Redlegs Review dedicated to telling club members and the wider South Australian community about both the playing history and AIF service story of each of the Norwood Men Who Served, with special focus on -  
† The Honoured Dead: John Wesley Blacket, Joseph Arnold Blacket, Anthony James Blatchford, Lionel William Harvey, Charles William Hooper, Laban Cyril Joseph Howard,        Philip de Quetteville Robin, Brunel John Nash, Noel Murray Dalton Suhard, Keith Raoul Jack Suhard, John O’Donohue, H. Wilson, T. Wickham

Gallipoli Campaign: Lesley Bryant, John Westley Blacket, George Darling Beames, Frank Hammond Colbey, Clifford Cope, Walter Edwin Dobson, Charles William Hooper, Lancelot Ashley Lewis, Brunel John Nash, Edward Clyde Padman, Philip de Quetteville Robin, Thomas Victor Storey, Claude Henry St. Leonard Toovey

The Medallists: Sgt-Major Hurtle Frank Walker (DCM-Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal and Bar), Lieut.Malcolm Cornelius Bonnar (Military Cross and Bar), Lieut.Alfred McLaren Moore (Military Cross and “Croix de Guerre” – Belgium), Pte.Lesley Allan Bryant (Military Medal), Capt.George Lancelot Dean (“Croix de Guerre” – Belgium), L/Corp.Norman Clarence Collings - Prisoner of War (Military Medal), Sgt.Harry Claude Dewar (Meritorious Services Medal and Deed)

Prisoner Of War: Noel Collings, with details of his escape and his tragic death shortly after his return to Australia

The Chaplain: Capt.Charles Perry -Magarey Medallist-1915, and Captain of the Australian Training Unit that played in the Patriotic Exhibition Football Match against the 3rd Australian Division at Queens Club, West Kensington, London on October 28, 1916

The Commissioned Officers: Major Lancelot Ashley Lewis, Major Edward Clyde Padman, Capt.John Wesley Blacket, Capt.George Lancelot Dean, Capt.Charles William Hooper, Capt.Charles Julius Perry, Lieut.Joseph Arnold Blacket, Lieut.Ernest Harry Johncock, Lieut.Frederick Percival Mitchell, Lieut.Roy Townley, Lieut.Malcolm Cornelius Bonnar, Lieut.Frank Hammond Colbey, Lieut. Arnold William Collins, Arnold William Lieut. Alfred McLaren Moore, 2nd Lieut John O’Donohue      

The Wedding in The Field: Pte. Philip de Quetteville Robin and nurse Nellie Honeywill and their tragic deaths

The Brothers: Joseph & John Blacket, David & Kenneth Collett, Harry & John Dewar, Lionel & William Harvey, Francis & Richard Manning

The Wounded who played for Norwood after the war and football matches played in camp.
In addition to the Norwood men named above the History Group is seeking any additional information from relatives of the following men about their playing and service records:–

Beames, Ernest Frederick Berry, Lesley Murdock McLeod Campbell, A
Cunningham, Donald Curtin, B. Curtis, S.
Dr. Dawson, Dean Degenhardt, F. Gibbs, C.
Goodale, M. Goodger, M. Green, A.
Hatcher, C. Hart, Thomas Paul Hawkes, Leslie Ingram
Healey, Harry Gordon Hurcombe, Cyril Nicholas McNamara, Lawrence John
McNeilage, George Campbell Middleton, Percy John Miller, Harold Mayoh
Millhouse, Algernon Edward Murphy, Oswald John Renfrey, Cyril James Price
Sowton, Stanley Seymour Storey, Thomas Victor Tester, Frederick William James
Ribbett, William Sangster, Clement Eric Schumacher, Bert Edward Bernard
Scott, Basil Arden Selth, Bert Thomas Stephens, Victor Barnard
Tapp, Thomas William Vesey, William George Waldie, Archibald Charles
Watson, R. Waye, Libby Sibley Weller, Arthur Brooklyn Clare

History Group researchers have meticulously trawled its club records and state and national archival sources to uncover many untold remarkable stories about the men who not only served the Norwood Football Club with distinction but their country as well. It does recognise, however, that this list of men may not be complete, so we would appreciate to hear from relatives who may have information to pass on to Project Co-ordinator, Michael Coligan at or 0439 310 099

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